About Us

about professional workspace solutions

Many firms were hit hard by the unprecedented business environment arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During these challenging times, many firms needed support with adapting to technology and digitalizing their practice. 

Professional Workspace Solutions launched in March 2021. We started our journey by using our skills to assist businesses with taking the plunge and digitalizing their practice. We use our abilities to develop a personalized filing systems that are simple and easy to maintain. 

Professional Workspace Solutions exceeded all expectations. Following our initial digitalization and organization process, firms began requesting our assistance with a variety of other administrative and paralegal tasks. Through quality work and exceptional customer service, we have established positive relationships with people and law firms in Alberta.

Law Firms

We supplement law firms by providing paralegal services as contractors.

When work is beginning to pile up and the office is in chaos, we step in and help get things back on track. Our team members have experience with basic support services such as:

  • Answering phones and handling inquiries;
  • Calendar maintenance-deadlines, court dates, meetings, etc.
  • Reading and responding to correspondence;
  • Maintaining organized files (paper and electronic);
  • Drafting court documents and letters;
  • Preparing Statement of Accounts; and,
  • General administrative tasks.

As analytical thinkers, we understand the value of our strong communication skills, computer skills and organizational abilities. We use our strengths to supplement your practice.

Self-Represented Support

Professional Workspace Solutions provides support services to the public.

As paralegals, we are unable to provide legal advice or answer questions regarding your case. We can help you prepare your court documents and we can provide you with information on filing procedures. If you require legal advice or if you have any questions regarding the facts in your case, we recommend you speak with a lawyer. If at any time you wish to hire a lawyer, we can recommend affordable lawyers that are qualified to assist you with your case. At your request, we can provide your lawyer with a copy of your file.

For a personalized quote, contact our team.